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Xinxiang Vic Science&Education Co.,Ltd.
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50 Animal Slide Kit

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Product Attributes


MarkeVic Science

Product Name50 Animal Slide Kit



Product no.VIC-04

ApplicationSchool, Hospital, Laboratory And So On

ItemAnimal Microscope Prepared Slides

FeatureStructure Morphology Are Clear&complete

PackingSafe Export Packaging And Short Delivery Time

OEM & ODMWe Can Design And Production According To Your Requirement

BrandVic Science

Supply Ability & Additional Informations

VerpakungSichere Exportverpackung


Ort Von ZukunftChina

Zertifikate CE,ISO

ZahlungsartL/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union

Packaging & Delivery
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Sichere Exportverpackung

Zoologie und Botanik Folie Einführung

1. Mikroskop- und Abdeckobjektträger von bester Qualität.
2. Färben der vorbereiteten Objektträger.
3.Handhabungsmaterialien für pädagogisch-biologische Pflanzen- und Botanik-vorbereitete Folien.
4. Schneiden Sie die vorbereiteten Objektträger.
5. Vorbereitung der Objektträger.
6.Überprüfen Sie die vorbereiteten Objektträger.
7.Wenn die Folien in Ordnung sind, legen wir sie zur Aufbewahrung in die Folienboxen.
8. Vorbereitete Folien sind für Kunden gut verpackt.

Zoologie und Botanik Folienparameter

Produktname: 50 Stück Animal Slide Kit

Produktnummer : VIC-04

Größe: 76,2 * 25,4 * (1,0 ~ 1,2) mm

Spezifikation: 50 Stück

Verpackung: Kunststoffschiebekasten (Holzschiebekasten muss angepasst werden)

Animal Slides

Zoologie und Botanik Folienliste

 50 Animal Slide Kit 
1 Earthworm, c.s.
2 Male ascarid C.s.
3 Frog embryo, cleavage stage, sec. 
4 Frog blastula, sec.
5 Frog gastrula, late stage, sec.
6 Fruitfly young w.m.
7 Frog egg, one cell stage, sec.
8 Frog egg, two cell stage, sec.
9 Frog gastrula, early stage, sec.
10 Simple flat epithelium, frog mesothelium, w.m.
11 Stratified flat epithelium, cat esophagus, w.m.
12 Human skin, sec. through hair follicle
13 Human skin, sec. through sweat glad
14 Dense connective tissue, rabbit Achilles tendon, sec.
15 Human blood, smear
16 Skeletal muscle, dog diaphragm. L.s.c.s.
17 Teased smooth muscle, frog, w.m.
18 Animal cardiac muscle sec.
19 Motor neurons, ox w.m.
20 Spinal cord, rabbit, c.s.
21 Motor nerve endings, rabbit, w.m.
22 Wall of stomach, dog, sec.
23 Kidney, mice, l.s.
24 Artery and vein, rabbit, c.s.
25 Small intestine, dog, sec.
26 Ciliated epithelium, frog palatine musoca , sec.
27 Lymph node, rabbit, sec.
28 Lung sec.
29 Kidney sec.
30 Taste buds, rabbit, sec.
31 Tongue, l.s.
32 Testis from animal sec.
33 Ovary, cat, sec.
34 Human sperm, smear
35 Hydra, c.s. through ovary
36 Planarian, w.m.
37 Planarian c.s.
38 Fish scale w.m.
39 Frog skin sec.
40 Euglena viridis w.m.
41 Male ascarid L.s.
42 Female ascarid l.s.
43 Ascarid, female, c.s.
44 Leech section
45 Hind leg of honey bee, w.m.
46 Mouth parts of honey bee, w.m.
47 Mouth parts of house fly, w.m.
48 Mouth parts of butterfly, w.m.
49 Mouth parts of female mosquito, w.m.
50 Ant w.m.

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